Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nurse Leaders & Social Media

First Tuesday - December 5, 2011.

Last week Terry Garner and the Abbott Northwestern team hosted our 5th Tuesday event - Socail Media for Nurse Leaders.  Thanks for the opportunity to bring MOLN to your site, it was a great location.

Many professional and volunteer organizations I participate in are seeking to use social media as a tool to connect, share information, and inform constituents.  Increasing your social media literacy will enhance your ability to influence others, and this ability to bring influence is vital to your role as a nurse. 

Last week I attended an AONE Chapter Leader meeting in Chicago.  Each state was represented as well as the leadership team from AONE - and I can let you know that the time is now to step up as a leader who is a nurse is as important now as it ever has been.  AONE and MOLN are ready to advance our collective voice as nurse leaders but we need your participation and voice.

Use these social media tools / resources that we saw at the 5th Tuesday event to learn how you can increase your reach, share your expertise, and amplify your voice on behalf of patients, families, and nurses.  Being literate in social media is not about you - it's about conversing and engaging your community.  Join me - I will help.

5th Tuesday Social Media Resources - 
Check out these resources in the link and more...
Social media for nurse leaders - the presentation
Mashable - Broad & deep social media resourse.  Easy to use and welcoming.
Know your numbers - Where Mayo Clinic, Jenny, and social media collide.  Must watch.